I have been moaning and complaining about the traffic in Brick for years, and it's not getting any better. There are just so many cars you can fit on the roads.

Brick has great people and great stores, and I am there all the time. I love Brick, and maybe I'm part of the traffic problem. But the traffic is borderline unbearable. It's so bad that it's hard to make your way around Google Maps without hitting traffic. Think about that for a minute.

You can't take a virtual tour of Brick on Google Maps without getting stuck in traffic. It's the greatest type of irony there is. And it's really accurate, too. if you drive in Brick, you'll know. Google Maps has really captured it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Make no mistake. Brick is a bustling town with really great businesses. And we want these businesses to succeed, especially after all the trauma of the past two years. So we love that people are doing business in town, whether they're from Brick or surrounding towns.

But that doesn't add lanes to the roads. look, let's face it. The traffic in town is bad, and sometimes even intolerable, but if we all take a deep breath, resign ourselves to the fact that, as they say, it is what it is, we could probably live a less stressed life.

And we haven't even talked about some of the bad drivers trying to make their way around town. Some days even meditation won't help. And rubbing your eyes won't erase what you can't believe you just saw.

And we could find some humor in the fact that we hit traffic in Brick on Google Maps. Don't believe me? Check out what we found.

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