As you know, we're out every Friday in the summer broadcasting live from our beachfront studio right on the boardwalk in Seaside Park, and if you've needed a reason to come out and visit us, well, here are 5!

  • 1

    It's Finally Nice Out!

    After suffering through a pretty crummy week weather-wise, Mother Nature has thankfully decided to give us a reprieve, and a summer-like June afternoon is in full effect right now!

    Just look at the photo above, I literally took it 5 minutes ago.

  • 2

    Win Free Treats!

    We're out here all summer loaded up with gift cards to Van Holten's Chocolate!

    Think you've got the bean bag toss skills down pat? Well, come on out and show us and free chocolate could be in your immediate future!

  • 3

    See The Boardwalk Progress

    As I told you on Memorial Day Friday, the work on rebuilding the Seaside Park boardwalk has been moving ahead at a rapid pace.

    I'm seeing new things every week, just today there's a new Kohr's sign up on one of the new buildings!

  • 4

    Come For The Beach

    I mean, it's the Seaside Park beach, what else do I have to say?

    As of right now, it's perfect beach weather, it's not crowded at all, and as us locals know, it's nice and quiet down here at the south end of the boardwalk!

  • 5

    Stay For The Food

    Don't want to go for a dip in the still-chilly Atlantic?

    Not into laying out on the beach?

    We all know that besides the beach, the second best reason to come out to the boardwalk is the food!

    Need some suggestions? We've got you covered! Just click here for my 5 must-visit beach restaurants.

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