When I wrote about the Mega Millions jackpot just yesterday we were talking about the second largest jackpot in the multi-state game's history.

Well, that all changed in the last 24 hours.

The $654 million jackpot yesterday has ballooned to a now-record $667 million (do you think they threw in an extra million so it wasn't $666?).

The three quarters of a billion dollar jackpot becomes the biggest in Mega Millions history and the 3rd biggest ever for an American lottery game.

Now, of course Uncle Sam is going to take his cut if you're the unlikely single winner of the jackpot, but the estimated cash value still isn't anything to sneeze at.

$380 million isn't so bad, is it?

Another interesting note worth mentioning, too - with New Jersey in on both Mega Millions and the Powerball multi-state game, if you put the two together, between tonight's $667 million for Mega Millions and tomorrow night's estimated Powerball jackpot of $199 million, you could end the week a cool billion dollars richer.

Good luck!


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