If it's brown flush it down, if it's a disposable wipe...throw it in the garbage and not down the toilet.

The Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority is urging all residents NOT to throw disposable wipes into the toilet system.

"Wipes do not breakdown like toilet paper and become lodged in the sanitary sewer system, causing sewer pumps to fail, and potentially cause an overflow of sewerage in your home," Robert DiBiase, Toms River MUA Executive Director, told WOBM News. "TRMUA appeals to our rate payers to refrain from flushing any items other than toilet paper and bodily waste."

DiBiase said that this will help ensure the sanitary sewer system continues to function during the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency.

People wiping out stores of toilet paper has led to residents trying to find other ways to keep themselves clean.

"Our Adult communities couldn’t buy toilet paper at many of their usual outlets and purchased wipes instead. These wipes advertise as disposable but they are NOT," DiBiase said. "Our dispatches have been normal up to this point due to clogs in residential lines.  My concern is this situation will become widespread."

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