A Toms River man who went on a anger fueled tirade is in a heap of trouble for puncturing a woman's tire and then assaulting several Jackson Police Officers.

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Police said they arrested Ralph Lezin, 28, after he punctured a tire on a parked vehicle at the Pineview Apartments on West County Line Road Wednesday after witnesses called in saying they saw a man intentionally flattening a tire.

The owner of the vehicle was told what was going on and said she knew the man as an "ex-aquaintance".

She told police she saw the man in the parking lot earlier in the day adding that he had kept trying to "make contact with her" and so she identified him as Ralph Lezin, who was found not far from that area.

When officers approached him to investigate what happened, he became uncooperative, police said, and was then arrested for obstruction.

Then things took a much more physical turn.

Police said that's where Lezin, became extremely uncooperative and combative with officers attempting to process him on the arrest. He kicked at, and activated an emergency button in the processing area multiple times, turned over a table in the processing room and head butted the mug shot camera, damaging a bracket which holds it in place."

While sitting in his jail cell, Lezin then used the mattress from the cot and forced it into the toilet, which then began to cause flooding in the area.

Lezin turned things to another level when Jackson Police told him he was being brought to the Ocean County Jail.

That's when he allegedly head-butted an officer in the face then began kicking and kneeing other officers who were trying to restrain him.

Lezin then spitting blood at several officers, which he got from an injury during the struggle police said, before he was restrained and looked at by Jackson First Aid.

When he was brought to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, police said Lezin "continued his aggressive behavior with transporting officers and hospital staff."

No injuries reported there but several police officers were treated for minor injuries they received during the struggle with Levin and for being exposed to bodily fluids. The cellblock Levin flooded has been cleaned and sanitized.

When he was given the clear by the hospital, Lezin was brought to the Ocean County Jail.

He is charged with: criminal mischief (for the vehicle tire, damage to the mug shot camera, mattress and flooding the cell), obstruction by means of physical interference, aggravated assault on a police officer (for head-butting, kicking and kneeing multiple officers) and aggravated assault/throwing bodily fluid (for spitting blood at multiple officers).

Jackson Police said that more charges may be coming stemming from threats Levin made towards the officers.

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