As we enter the season of giving shore based leaders are asking for your help in the 'Fresh Fall-Fillment' clothing and food drive to help those in need.

Pastor Bill Meyer with the Alive Again Alliance Church in Toms River says they'll be collecting a number of items for the drive.

"We are collecting new clothing, specifically socks, underwear, undershirts, t-shirts for both genders, and used or new coats and non-perishable food," Meyer said.

They have a couple bins set up at the church on Old Freehold Road where you can drop the items off.

"You can just drop them in, we check on them two or three times a day, or if you see the lights on come in and say hello and drop your stuff off," Meyer said.

The drive concludes November 19th where items will be distributed at the B.E.A.T. Center on Hooper Avenue says People's Pantry Executive Director Pat Donoghue.

"I will be packing emergency bags for the people who come, which is all of the convenience foods that they could use," Donoghue said.

She says on that day they'll also serve warm meals to the needy and work with their community partners to provide essential services.

"Whether it's for food stamps or housing, everyone will be on site that day to do intake and get these people registered and into the services they need," Donoghue said.

She encourages everyone to join and give because when it comes to the homeless or needy, it may be someone you know.

"You wouldn't even realize that some of our people in need, are in need," Donoghue said.

Meyer encourages everyone, whether you're in need of the essentials or are looking for a volunteer opportunity to join the drive efforts and community.

"Even if it's just, 'take a bag and put it into somebody's cart', that is a life giving experience, it's an energizing experience and it's a restoring experience," Meyer said.

They'll be joined by Haven Beat the Streets in the drive as well.

'Fresh Fall-Fillment' Food Drive. (Paul Hulse, Haven Beat The Streets)
'Fresh Fall-Fillment' Food Drive. (Paul Hulse, Haven Beat The Streets)

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