The Alive Again Alliance Church on Church Road in Toms River expands it vision to homeless individuals and others who are struggling to find things like food, shelter, warmth and employment.

We're still in the middle of winter and many of these individuals are fighting daily for these necessities.

Assistant Executive Pastor Jason Cardenosa explains some of the services they'll be providing in their hospitality center.

"They can experience a warm meal, a cup of coffee and a soft couch to lay their head on," said Cardenosa.

He adds that they make it apart of their mission to have a place open to all those who are less fortunate.

"That's the environment we're trying to create for those who need it," said Cardenosa. "(We want) to let them know that they're a family member and they're not alone."

They'll be working with the non-profit 'Haven Beat The Streets' to help these people get back on their feet.

Currently the doors of the church are only open the 2nd and 4th Tuesday and Wednesday of each month from 9 am until 4 pm which was a factor in coming together with the non-profit organization.

"We figured it would be a great opportunity and relationship to come alongside Haven Beat The Street and provide them with the building," said Cardenosa.

He adds that working together will be a benefit to all of the individuals whom they serve.

"We can help them with food, support, counseling needs and other assessments," said Cardenosa.

Some of those services include finding jobs and developing helpful life skills.

While only open for these services four times a month, Cardenosa has hopes of expanding their outreach beyond those days but additional funding is needed first.

"Revenue (right now) is coming from those who go to Alive Again Alliance Church," said Cardenosa. "We just applied for a couple of grants that hopefully we can get through the state and other organizations to help fund this."

Those who are less fortunate can head to the church and fill out a form asking for what they need at the churches hospitality center.

"It's an atmosphere where we want the individual to feel at home," said Cardenosa.

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