As you heard from Shawn and Sue, today is National Cereal Day.  Most of us start our mornings with a bowl of it every day.  Did you ever think about mixing cereal and ice cream and having it as a dessert?

Ocean County's Alexa Hesse has.  In fact, she got a food truck last year to sell her ice cream sandwiches.  Fans are loving that the "outside" part of the sandwich is made from different cereals.  Hesse tells me her best seller is the one made from Fruity Pebbles.  She calls it the Fruity Cutie. Another hot one uses Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which she calls Cin City.

cereal ice cream2

Hesse debuted her cereal ice cream treats last April at a street fair in Toms River.  Watching the crowd enjoy the sweets so much, she realized she had some recipes for success.  Next step?  Getting a food truck with her company name on it:  "LexyLicious."

Business went so well that she ordered a second truck which should be ready by April. What makes this story extra special is that this entrepreneur is just 18 years old.  A Toms River high school student launches a successful food business.  Don't you like the sound of that?  Congrats Alexa!

If you'd like more information, you can visit

Have you tried cereal ice cream sandwiches before?  Would you like to?


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