I was driving down Rt. 9 and I looked to the right and saw this cool hoagie bus and I found out some answers to why it's in Bayville.

It's a hoagie on wheels. It looks like it could've been a hoagie food truck, once. I know I call it a hoagie. My New Jersey friends get on me about it, but it must be a Pennsylvania thing. I guess in New Jersey's case, it's a sub bus.

I did a little research and it's called a Sub Bus. Did you happen to see the bus on Rt. 9 in Bayville at a repair shop? It looks so good. It is a food truck. It's Sub Busters from southern ocean county. I'm not a hundred percent sure if they have their store anymore in Barnegat, but I'm totally hoping they can find parts and fix the bus. It's sitting at a repair shop in Bayville.

I believe I read a story a while back that they left the store and started the food truck Sub Bus. I could totally be wrong, please let me know if they're still open in Barnegat.

It's Sub Busters and from their Facebook message from 2020:

When it's up and running how cool does that bus look? Chips, subs of all kinds, and a food truck sub truck. I love this idea, I've never heard of it.

From what I hear from co-workers that used to go to the shop Sub Busters, they say the subs were delicious. One told me they had a super, delicious Italian, with the most delicious bread.

So, a hoagie bus, NO. But it's definitely a sub bus. On the front of the bus as I'm looking at pictures on their Facebook page it even says Sub Bus.

Let us know when you get the bus running again, looks delicious, and hope you're be selling those delicious hoagies again from the Sub Bus.

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