It's been a long journey towards total rebuild and the work along the dunes at Toms River beaches continues with an end not yet in sight.

Toms River Township Engineer Robert J. Chankalian, PE, CME wrote a letter addressed to the North Beach Association Presidents detailing some of the latest work progress.

The Army Corps of Engineers work continues on Toms River’s north beaches and do to various sets of circumstances including the forecast the timetable has shifted as crews break down the beaches into sections to make changes to dunes entrances and sands which have shifted.

"The ACOE essentially constructs a uniform dune template up and down the coast. What varies is, what they refer to as the “tie in point”," Chankalian said. "That is the point landward of the new dune where their new dune meets the elevation of the existing land. As you can imagine, since all of the properties vary in different shapes and elevation, the tie-in point varies from property to property."

He explains that the ACOE cannot go past the easement line and so when they construct the new walk overs, they have to stop at the line regardless of the existing elevation.

"In some cases, the elevation of the ramp at the CWL may be higher than the ground on the privately owned side of the line. Also, in some cases the easement line may go further west which gives the ACoE more room to transition their walkover grading," Chankalian said. "On the contrary, some easements stop more easterly than others which limits the ACoE in their ability to grade the walkover."

Chankalian says private associations should anticipate having to do some grading, on their own, to connect their sidewalks or beach entrances to meet the newly constructed ACOE walkover.

Here are the detailed dune work plans from the ACOE.

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