If you've eaten at the Hooper Avenue Chili's in Toms River in the past two months, you'll want to check your credit card statements.

Over the weekend, we reported that Chili's announced that they became the victims of a sweeping payment system hack that could have compromised scores of customers' payment information.

Included in that breach was the Toms River Chili's, right next to the Ocean County Mall on Hooper Ave.

The restaurant chain said that both credit and debit card information could have been compromised, and that customers who dined at their locations in March and April should carefully review their credit card statements or bank statements for suspicious activity.

They've said that they will offer credit monitoring and fraud resolution services to affected customers, but details have not been finalized yet.

In the meantime, if you ate at any Chili's in the last few weeks, you'll want to go through your last few statements carefully and look for anything that doesn't look quite right.


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