Devin Striker from Toms River (HS North) and Morgan Papa from Asbury Park sat in the Crystal Diner one night and did what a lot of young people do - dreamed of getting a band together and making it big. After recruiting two more friends, Dominick Desimone also from High School North and Chris Jackson from Lacey, they very well may be on their way.

The story sounds like something right out of the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine, they started with some early growing pains and had some lineup changes. And, as Devin tells me, he and Morgan wrote their first song, " the Crystal Diner and composed it in my small, cramped, cold basement". They recruited Dominick and Chris, and "This Time Counts" was born.

Since they got the full lineup together, they've been doing all of their work locally; writing in Toms River, recording in Silverton, and since then even getting some attention from record labels.

When I listened to their debut single, "Something Simple", I was impressed by the clean, professional production and the throwback, California punk vibe. Check out the video:


Good luck guys, be sure to keep us in the loop when you hit it big!

If you'd like to follow This Time Counts, you can check out their Facebook page here.