It's National Lazy Day...Yep, August 10th 2012.  So as we're looking at the window on this cloudy day...It's just one of those days.

But hey, today you have an excuse.  It just feels so good to be lazy sometimes.  Those dirty plates are in the sink...let it go...the yard has to be mowed....let it go...the laundry has to be folded...let it go.  Today is National Lazy Day!  There are 364 days out of the year to be running around, folding, washing, mowing and everything else in between.  But just this one day...Be Lazy Day TODAY!

How will you celebrate National Lazy Day?  (I realize we have to work at our jobs...but when you get home how will you celebrate?  Will you put your PJ's on?  Kids-- Mac & Cheese tonight?