"You'd lose your head if it weren't attached to your body!"  Has anyone ever said that to you?  I've heard it before and I hate to admit that it's probably true.  I'm thinking about losing things today because of the pouring rain.  I constantly lose umbrellas so when it rains, I typically just wear my rain jacket which has a hood.  I feel a bit weird about this, like I've somehow failed at "adulting."

But I searched online and found that loss of umbrellas is not uncommon.  Bulletin boards show tips for remembering umbrellas.  One suggestion is to stick the velcro to a shoelace when you put the umbrella down on the floor at a restaurant or on a bus, for example.  Another is to invest in a good quality more expensive umbrella that you'll be paranoid about losing.  The thought there is to stop treating the average $10 umbrella as disposable.  Another tip is to rest the umbrella in an upright position so you're more likely to see it when leaving.

What suggestions do YOU have for us forgetful folks?   And those of you who work in Ocean County restaurants, do you see a lot of umbrellas left behind?

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