Don’t laugh but I’m having some emotional difficulty because one of my favorite TV shows just ended.  “This Is Us” aired its season finale last night and I’m already missing it!  Are you “Big Three” fans still with me?  Okay good.  Then I want to share a tip to stave off withdrawal symptoms.  Go to your cable or online guide and find the “This Is Us” EXTRAS.

You’ll see some of the cast members sitting around talking about their acting process, the significance of certain scenes, and the character development from their perspectives.  Each “Aftershow” clip is only about 5 minutes but is really worth watching.  It’s giving me insight into the stories from the actors, director, and executive producer (who, by the way, is Ken Olin who played Michael Steadman on “Thirtysomething.”)

These videos also include clips from each episode so it’s a chance to watch all that amazing acting again.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never watched any EXTRAS before.  Now I understand why people have been buying DVDs for decades.  They like all that bonus footage and those interview clips!

For you "This Is Us" fans, what will you miss the most while the show is on hiatus?

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