I remember it was a hot fourth of July weekend when Great Adventure opened its gates for the first time. Officially July 1, 1974, I was 9 years old and it was every child's dream, our very own HUGE amusement park that was just a short drive away! It was breathtaking to me, my brothers, and our friends. As we walked through the gates for the first time we didn't know which way to go, like I said overwhelming.

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I think the first rides I can remember were "the runaway train" and "lightning loops". Lightening loops was exciting because you went upside down and that was just unbelievable in the mid-'70s. Great Adventure wasn't just rollercoasters it was games and costume characters and food. We would go once a year and spend all day and night running from one attraction to the next it was such a great childhood memory here in Ocean County.

Ok fast-forward 48 years and now Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is still one of the best in America, in fact, Six Flags Great Adventure has been named one of the BEST amusement parks in America by Vacationidea.com. In their article, they named Six Flags Great Adventure to the TOP 25 Best Amusement Parks in America.  Congratulations to the gang in Jackson, way to go! I was just at the park for Holiday in Lights for New Year's Eve and LOVED IT!


"Six Flags Great Adventure is packed with rides that are geared toward not only families, but thrill-seekers as well. Visitors can hop on the park’s massive Ferris wheel, swinging pirate ship, or plunging dare devil dive. This amusement park hosts many different forms of entertainment during the day such as music shows. Guests can also meet some of its animal ambassadors, like tortoises, sea lions, and alligators, by attending a safari or signing up for a behind-the-scenes tour." ~ Vacationidea.com 



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


In the article Six Flags - Great Adventure was ranked #19 in the United States. What are your favorite attractions at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson? Love for you to share your memories :)


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