Just a long list of unsolicited thoughts and opinions:

  • The NY Mets need to either fire Carlos Beltran or hold a press conference and say they are 100% behind their new manager who was the only player (at that time) named in the investigation into the Houston Astros sign-stealing controversy. Either way make a decision now!
  • As the field of Democrats shrinks the real question is will someone emerge as the obvious candidate to challenge President Trump or will it simply be a case of the last man or woman standing. I think it will likely be the later of the two.  By the way I still can’t see a path for Trump to collect the 270 electoral votes needed for re-election unless the Democrats self-destruct (which they are capable of).
  • Speaking of Trump, his impeachment trial begins next Tuesday. He does not seem too concerned.
  • Greg Schiano has done an amazing job of assembling a coaching staff at Rutgers. Clearly he has generated considerable interest in the football program
  • Meanwhile the RAC in Piscataway has turned into a house of horrors for visiting college basketball teams and the Scarlet Knights along with Seton Hall are setting the stage for playing meaningful games in March.
  • It is head-scratching that our so-called political leaders can’t at least discuss ways for school districts like Toms River and Brick to overcome their loss in state aid. Again it’s a case of leaders who really are not and it starts with the governor.
  • I truly believe you are innocent until proven guilty but New York’s new state-wide bail reform law is a total mess and a threat to safety and sanity.
  • While it’s a bit far from his Toms River home Arlington, Texas is a good spot for Todd Frazier and if he stays healthy he’ll be a nice addition and Rangers fans will love him, like all the other teams he’s played for.
  • There has to be a way for College Football’s National Championship game to end before midnight on a weekday. Kick off the game at 7:30 p.m. Those in the west who care will find a way to watch it.
  • Odell Beckham Jr’s latest stunt after that LSU-Clemson game proves once again he is only interested in generating attention or himself. I’ll forever be grateful the Giants traded him.
  • The same people who have actually complained it’s been too warm this winter will be the first to complain when true winter-like weather hits us.

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