Summertime is my favorite time of the year and we live in the most beautiful place. But we're not talking about summertime, it's all about the fall and one of the best shore towns to visit in the US.

This Jersey Shore town has been put up there with Ocean City, MD, Adirondack Mountains, NY, Outer Banks, NC, Oregon Coast, OR, and so many more. I love that this little town in New Jersey made the list.

I bet you can get which New Jersey town makes the list as one of the best. From fall beer festivals to harvest festivals to butterfly festivals, it just makes this town even better to visit this time of the year.

dominkab, getty stock, thinkstock
dominkab, getty stock, thinkstock

No matter what time of the year it is, a great bike ride along Washington Street and a ride along the beach is just perfect.

What NJ town is one of the best in the US to visit in the fall?

According to, the fall and the month of September is a great time to visit Cape May. Add Cape May, NJ to your bucket list. Cape May is known as a seaside gem and it's one of our favorites here in New Jersey.

There is so much to do and in the fall, Harvest Fest is a huge hit. Vendors, breweries, and so much always goes on with this fun street fair.

Cape May is always fun. I love the wineries, the dining, the shopping, and just the whole vibe. It's a beautiful day in Cape May, NJ everyday.

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