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Shawn Michaels

So I wanted to write an article, half jokingly, about a recent “find” on the web. The “find” was a Groupon  sale of real estate. It was quite a bargain, only twelve dollars an acre. What’s wrong with that Shawn, you are saying.....it’s real estate on Mars!  Lol

How do we sell real estate on a planet we have never been too? I mean how do I know I’m getting property in a good neighborhood, with a good view and a nice lawn? I guess if you don’t like your plot of land you can pack up the Space X Rocket and give yourself about eight months to get up there and you can re-sell your property. By the way pack some heavy clothes because average temperature on Mars, eighty one degrees below zero.....yes -81* brrrr

Now seriously how do they sell land, even if only $12 on a planet no one has ever been to? Imagine 100 years from now and people do get there and everyone is holding deeds to land, already we are fighting over the place. If there are Martians....do they have any say in this? Or is this more of a gag gift like when you buy a “star” for someone? By the way I have a star “star 8535937” call me I will give you a great price, it’s a fancy star with all the trimmings.

Anyway take a look at the add and maybe you’ll scratch your head like I did.....will you be buying any land on Mars? I may wait for deals on Pluto

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