This gorgeous house. These beautiful beachfront views. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. 

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Nope - I'm still awake, and so are you! This GORGEOUS modern beachfront home is located in Long Beach Township! The home's unique design and floor to ceiling windows are what caught my eye.

According to, this 5 bed 4 bath home on109-F Long Beach Blvd is listed at $4,999,000 by Joy Luedtke of Joy Luedkte Real Estate, LLC. Who wants to pitch in to buy it with me? Just kidding, a girl can dream, right? This house is extravagant - the listing says it features "Greenwood decking imported from Venice," a "stainless steel German Baustil kitchen," and the living room has "tile plank flooring and touches of imported African striped marble." As if all that wasn't enough, the house has an ELEVATOR! WOW. I'm drooling.

I can't wait anymore, let's take a look inside.

Look Inside This Dreamy Modern Beachfront Long Beach Home

Diana Tyler
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