Don't ever let anybody say that you can't put a price on oceanfront property because there is a price on this one and it's pretty jaw-dropping.

Last summer I told you about what was Ocean County's most expensive home for sale at the time, an LBI compound that tipped the scales at a hefty $11,200,000.

Well, good news if you fell in love with that one - the price has been reduced by almost a third, currently listed for a frugal (by comparison) $7,999,999.

That price reduction means two things:

First, yeah, it's still out of reach for 99.999% of us.

Second, it's no longer the most expensive house for sale in Ocean County.


Checking in at a wallet draining $10,750,000, the house may seem a bit small for the price tag, but it's the land and its 157 feet of beach that really makes the price soar.

The listing is actually for two lots, 901 & 907 East Ave, just a block off of Route 35, totaling 1.25 acres of prime beachfront property.


Let's be honest, if you can afford that price tag and feel like your new neighbors' massive mansions are dwarfing yours, you probably have the money to build whatever you want there, too.

If you're feeling particularly flush with cash right now, you can check out the listing for yourself on Zillow by clicking here.

And hey, if you end up buying it, don't forget about who told you about it, I'd be happy to be a live-in caretaker during the off-season!