You can learn a lot about people from what they buy online. And if a recent study is any indication, New Jerseans are tech savvy, with just a touch of questionable fashion sense.

Recently, the website Estately looked at trends on Google to see what each state was looking for the most when it comes to online shopping.

Some made a lot of sense - apparently a lot of people in Hawaii are looking into buying GoPro cameras. Understandable for one of the most scenic states in the country.

While some are a little, let's call it "concerning" - it would appear that an awful lot of people in Wyoming are looking for bulk ammo. Maybe the zombie apocalypse is starting in the Rockies?

So, what about New Jersey?

Well, according to the article, the top search in the Garden State is Amazon Echo, the online retail giant's personal assistant.

But also making the list is "Gucci fanny pack".

I guess if you have to wear a fanny pack, you might as well go with Gucci, maybe?

It's a pretty interesting roundup of each state's online shopping habits. You can check out the whole thing by clicking here.


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