I'll start with a disclaimer:  I love riding trains and buses because I really don't like to drive.  I rely on NJ Transit, SEPTA in Philly, and the MTA in New York City.  Now although I'm reliant on NJ Transit, and really don't want to do anything to upset the employees and management, there are some things that puzzle me.

What exactly does that hole puncher do and why do they have to squeeze it so many times for each passenger's ticket.  I worry that the conductors may get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!  Is all that punching really necessary in these days of computer and smart phone technology?

Why do they then stick a piece of paper in the slot in front of each seat? What exactly does that indicate?

I understand why they would offer seating for families and friends who want to stay together, but why isn't there any legroom between those two rows of seats that face each other?

Have you wondered about these things as well?  Do you have any possible answers?

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