I've been asked to play a key role in something that will help two dear friends.  But I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea so I thought I'd blog and ask what you think.

These two awesome women want to use my backyard firepit to burn things that remind them of their ex-boyfriends.  Included in the group of things on the "destroy list:" journals, tee shirts, and photographs.

I want to help them close the painful chapter and agree some kind of ceremony could be very healing.  But honestly, I'm afraid they might regret burning everything.

Personally, I hold onto old journals, love letters, and photos from my past relationships.  I don't look at them often but when I do, it momentarily takes me back to a different time.  It's a nostalgic feeling.  The mementos document different stages of my life and I would never want to erase or destroy those things.   Looking through old journals helps me to see where I've repeated relationship patterns and how much I've learned and grown.  And that feels good!

My guy knows I don't want to get back with any exes so my having a Memory Box doesn't bother him.  He still has stuff from his past and I know it's nothing to worry about.


So clearly I'm on TEAM SAVE.  Do you think I should try to convince my friends to hold onto their journals, etc.?  Or just support their wishes to have a burning ceremony?


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