It’s been a fairly miserable year for many die-hard sports fans who live in this area.

It got me to thinking about the teams I root for and whether or not I’ve had my fair share of thrills or if I’ve been basically cursed for the six plus decades of my existence.  I’ve separated my fandom into two categories: passionate and rooting interest and will start in reverse order.

Rooting Interest (Want them to win but losses don’t crush me)

Monmouth University (Football) - I love Coach Cal and the Hawks plus as their PA Announcer I have to include them.

NY Knicks (Basketball) - There was a time when they were my second greatest passion and I lived with every Willis Reed basket, Walt Frazier behind-the-back pass and Patrick Ewing slam.  I was 14 and 17 when they won their only two NBA titles and they’ve been irrelevant for most of the last two decades and there’s no reason to expect it to get any better soon.  I’ve been short changed with this team.

NY Giants (Football) - My died-in-the-wool passion for an NFL team ended when the Colts left Baltimore in the middle of the night in 1984.  Oh how I loved Johnny Unitas and Bert Jones.  So I’m left to root for the Giants against all the other 31 teams but I don’t lose sleep when they lose and have been able to watch them win four Super Bowls so that’s not bad.

Passionate (I wear their colors proudly…well for the most part)

NY Rangers (Hockey) - My love for hockey has grown over the years and it’s all about the Blueshirts.  I was one of those who promised that one Stanley Cup in 1994 was good enough but sadly it’s not.  Should have won it again in 2014 and we had a great run for more than a decade but it’s over for now.  I think the future is promising.

NY Mets (Baseball) - No team has broken my heart more than this.  Sure I celebrated World Series titles in 1969 & 86 and a couple of near-misses but the Mets and misery often go hand in hand.  Of course it’s all magnified by the Yankees who are a contender every year while we have to settle for once in a while.  Not fair!

Penn State (Football & More)-Next to my family this is my true love and I don’t hide it.  My wardrobe is basically blue and white and I even have PSU sneakers.  National titles in 1982 & 86 were awesome, we got screwed in 1994 and then came the scandal.  Well we are back in the national picture and I hope to see they day when we make it to the CFB playoffs. Just as important would be the day my grandson starts school there.  Let’s not forget 8 NCAA Wrestling titles in the last 9 years.  I’m always happy when I head to the valley.

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