Halloween is almost here and it's so important we keep our four-legged friends healthy and safe.

It's so important we keep our pets out of danger with the trick-or-treaters, candy, and other Halloween scares.

These are tips from some local shelters. "Thank you for the helpful tips."

hannamariaH, getty stock, thinkstock
hannamariaH, getty stock, thinkstock

Here are 6 tips to keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy on Halloween.

*CANDY is a no-no for anima

*The pumpkins that might be lit with a candle could be dangerous with wagging tails around them. Please keep them high enough off the ground so pets can't get to them. Pets could burn themselves or start a fire.

*Please keep your furry friends inside when trick-or-treaters are at your house. If you have a dog like one of mine, he runs out the door a lot. Watch your pets so that they don't run out the door, especially if they're scared.

*I just had my ID tags updated for my three dogs, maybe something to do before Halloween, just in case they get lost.

*I love dressing up my dogs. They look so cute in their costumes If you have a favorite costume for your pet, make sure it fits just right and does not poke them or make them feel uncomfortable.

*If you head out for trick or treat, leave your four-legged family member home for his or her safety.

If your dogs are anything like mine, they go nuts when they see movement in our yard. Maybe there's a safe room he or she can go into while the trick-or-treating is taking place. That's what we do with ours, they feel so much safer and they are a bit quieter.

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