We're past Memorial Day. We're past the 4th of July. We're officially in the heart of beach season here in Ocean County. While the great majority of our visitors are respectful and welcomed (at least the human kind), some just don't care. Like this guy that I saw last weekend:

Photo by Justin Louis

Take a good look at that photo. Not only is it an adult (who should know better) smoking a smelly cigar on a public bench in the middle of the boardwalk, but he's doing it directly in front of one of the many signs that say "SMOKING PROHIBITED ON THE BEACH AND BOARDWALK"

Directly in front of it. Facing the sign.

The worst part - this wasn't the only example of this exact behavior that I saw last weekend. I also passed someone leaning on the beach badge stand, also smoking a cigar, right next to another copy of that exact sign.

It just blows my mind how some people can be either so ignorant to what's going on around them, so inconsiderate to those around them, or both.

Have you seen things like this at our beaches? Go ahead and vent in the comments section!