About two weeks ago we told you about the newest member of the Trenton Thunder for 2020 - the 5th generation bat dog.

With the pup joining a long line of fellow golden retrievers who have been fetching bats for the Yankees' AA affiliate for almost 20 years, the only thing left to do was to name the team's cutest prospect.

The Thunder ran a fan-voting campaign and officially introduced "Dash" on their social media accounts.

If you think that you can handle the adorable, keep scrolling.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Dash:

Officially, his name is "Dash to Home Plate-That Golden Thunder", but just "Dash" will do.

The Thunder says that you'll be able to see the newest member of the team during most home games at Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton.

The 2020 season kicks off on April 9th.


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