In honor of the restoration of the Brontosaurus as a real thing (honestly, I didn't know that it went away), I wanted to come up with a list of the top 5 things that were taken from us too soon, but eventually made a comeback.


  • Photo by Justin Louis
    Photo by Justin Louis

    The Brontosaurus

  • Yuriy Mazur - ThinkStock
    Yuriy Mazur - ThinkStock


  • Thomas Northcut - ThinkStock
    Thomas Northcut - ThinkStock

    Reebok Pump Sneakers

    When I was in middle school there were a few must haves when it came to being one of the "cool kids" - a Starter jacket, snap bracelets, and Reebok Pumps.

    Remember those shoes with the little basketball button on the tongue? Pressing it repeatedly allowed you to adjust the fit of the shoe (and cut off circulation, if that seemed like a good idea at the time). Of course, there was also the release valve which let out the satisfying "hissssss" when pressed.

    Reebok Pumps have been around, but are only recently experiencing a resurgence with their 25th anniversary releases.


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    Boy Bands

    Oh, the iconic boy bands - from New Kids On The Block to The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC - they enjoyed explosive success, their fires burned brightly, and then they graduated from boys to men (no pun intended), and they sailed off into occasional reunions and celebrity cruises.

    But the boy bands are back in a big way, with One Direction leading the pack (although, down one member now) and Rixton and 5 Seconds of Summer close behind.

  • YouTube - Universal Pictures
    YouTube - Universal Pictures

    Every Successful Movie Franchise Ever

    And, we've come full circle, back to dinosaurs.

    It seems like, in the past few years, every successful movie franchise has gotten a "reboot".

    From "Ghostbusters" to "Robocop" and this summer's upcoming "Jurassic World", it seems that all that's old is new again.

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