This year, especially, I noticed a lot of neighbors and friends decorating their yard early getting ready for Halloween.

Sue Moll
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Halloween is always so fun, from the candy, the creepy stuff, and the front yard Halloween decorations. Halloween might look a little different this year because of Covid-19 and social distancing trick-or-treating and Halloween parties might be a little bit smaller, but we can still have fun.

No matter how different Halloween might be this year, you can still dazzle your neighbors with your decorations.

Carving pumpkins and putting a candle in the pumpkin always is one of my favorite decorations for Halloween. For some reason, I get creeped out with a great big smile on a pumpkin with a light inside, but it's so cool. You'll find one of these on my front porch this year.

Recently, and put together a list for the "best" Halloween decorations for this crazy year. Yes, things are different, but Halloween is a great escape and it's something we need right now.

These Halloween decorations are for ones on a budget and a "big" budget if you wish. Pretty much everything on this list is under $30, except for "the mummy prop". That ones a little bit more expensive.

10 Top Halloween Decorations for 2020

Trick-or-treat will be a little different this year, but the smiles will still be there of the little ones. We'll see little pumpkins and princesses that will melt our heart, that will not change this year. Hershey bars, candy corn, and Snickers will be the most popular once again. Happy Halloween 🎃👻.

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