According to estimates, there are 50 different Tea Party groups in New Jersey and each one is unique in the causes they champion. Tea Party group, Ocean County Citizens For Freedom, were guest on WOBM AM's Townsquare Tonight. Member, Connie Sherwood said even though they're unique, there is a philosophy they all rally around.Listen to the full Townsquare Tonight interview

"The overall message I think, probably is that the government is just basically out of control, over spending, I think that's really the number one issue that got everybody up on their feet and from there, I think it's just been down hill," Sherwood said.

She said they continue to work on local levels to try to limit government control and government spending; holding local town official's feet to the fire when they observe what they see as over reaching. They also speak out against Federal agencies like the IRS and the EPA, when they allegedly step out of its constitutional boundaries and instead of following established laws are creating laws and regulations.

Connie's husband Clark, who's also a member, describes Tea Party members as ordinary citizens that all consider themselves to be Conservatives. "Our version of conservative is follow the constitution, live by the constitution. You know, all of the politicians in Washington D.C. swore an oath to uphold the constitution. Not many of them live by the constitution," he said.

The say four of the New Jersey Tea Party groups have endorsed former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan in the 3rd district congressional primaries.

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