And you snap your fingers and it’s Labor Day Weekend.  That’s what I usually write heading into Memorial Day Weekend as a reminder that for most of us summer flies by.  We would be those who simply love the 98 days between the two Monday holidays with one marking the beginning and the other signaling the end.  Yes I am very well aware of “local summer” and that will be addressed in the days ahead but I’m really speaking about what summer is for a large percentage of us.

This summer was not normal for me as I underwent spinal fusion surgery on May 20th and did not make it to the beach until July.  If I manage to go tomorrow it will be my 7th and last beach day of the season….that’s about 23 less than I normally would during a summer that was as nice as this one.  Very few days of west wind and flies but plenty of south winds to cool things off and no rain to speak of.  Unfortunately I could not take advantage of it and in terms of the ocean let’s just say my one attempt so far would have made for a funny video.

There is more than just the beach that makes the summer special.  It’s the long days when at 8 o’clock at night it’s still light out and you can sit outside and enjoy your favorite cocktail.  It’s taking advantage of the best the Jersey Shore has to offer as long as you can get a seat or table at your favorite spot.  It’s strolling on the boardwalk and eating badly (sort of) or doing the same thing at a BlueClaws baseball game.  It’s watching fireworks light up the sky even if it does drive your dog’s crazy.

Seaside Heights Boardwalk (Photo by Justin Louis)
Seaside Heights Boardwalk (Photo by Justin Louis)

Summer is warm days and cold beer, hanging out with friends on a boat, steaming lobsters in the back yard, staying up late when you’re on vacation and loving nothing more than hearing kids laughing as they run through a sprinkler.


The bad news is summer is coming to an end.  The good news is Memorial Day 2023 is only 269 days away if you’re counting.

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