Just last week we were discussing Ocean County's significance during the Revolutionary War, but did you know that it was on this day, December 27th, in 1782 that the last shots of the war were fired right here in Ocean County?

In a skirmish that's come to be known as The Affair at Cedar Bridge, notorious "Pine Robber", John Bacon fired on Patriot soldiers at the Cedar Bridge Tavern, in what is now Barnegat.

While 1781's Battle of Yorktown is widely considered to be the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, many skirmishes continued to pop up over the following year.

Which is what brings us to Long Beach Island and the encounter between Bacon and Captain Richard Shreve's Patriot forces. While considered to be a minor skirmish, it did result in a number of soldiers being wounded and captured.

But more noteworthy to us, it is also considered to be the final battle in the Revolutionary War, taking place right here in Ocean County.

There are a lot of resources online where you can learn more about the Cedar Bridge Tavern and the Affair at Cedar Bridge, a number of which are linked in this article.


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