Yesterday I put the question out there - what the heck was off the coast of Point Pleasant Beach this past weekend?

Between yesterday's post and our Facebook page, we got a lot of responses. After a little bit of research and comparison, it looks like we may have an answer:

From some of your comments and a little bit of Google image searching, it looks like it's likely a car carrier.

I came across this interesting article from the NY Times about these monoliths of the seas that can carry over 5,000 cars. Only a very small percentage of the ship is actually below water, which makes it seem much bigger than cruise ships or other cargo ships.

The ship was most likely heading up the coast to Port Newark, one of the main ports of entry for foreign made vehicles.

So, sadly, it's likely not Altantis or (thankfully) not an alien invasion. Thanks for all of your comments to lead us in the right direction!