Where do I even start?  I truly was not planning to talk about the presidential debate this morning but how can I not?

Shortly after it was over one of the political commentators was asked to describe what took place in the previous 90 minutes and at the same time we said ”train wreck.”

President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden set an all-time low by exchanging insults, barbs, lies and more before a nation that was left wondering how with more than 331 million people this was the best we can do for our highest office.

Of course there is always Bill Hammons, Howie Hawkins, Don Blankenship, Jo Jorgensen and “Rocky” De La Fuente who are the other presidential candidates on the New Jersey ballot.  “Rocky” sounds good right now.

The president was on the attack from the outset and clearly his goal was to get under Biden’s skin and show how he would fold under pressure which for the most part he did not although he was shaky at times.

Trump ignored the pleas from moderator Chris Wallace to stop interrupting Biden and while Wallace maybe could have done a better job he was in a no-win position.  I mean we are talking about the president even if he was anything but presidential which I guess plays to his supporters.

Like millions of others I took to Twitter a couple of times and offered the following:

  • I can’t believe what I’m watching. These are the choices for President?
  • What an embarrassment
  • Can you imagine coming out of a coma and this is the first thing you saw? You’d beg your doctor to go back to sleep.

I watched with my wife and daughter and honestly we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Forget the issues because they became somewhat irrelevant and clearly this was not a debate but a shouting match and for the record nobody does that better (or worse) than Trump.

I’m sort of lost for words and can’t imagine there are two more of these fiascos scheduled.  Doesn’t the Commission on Presidential Debates have to make some modifications going forward?  Can you imagine two more repeats of last night’s travesty?

I’ll tell you who did not sleep at all last night.  Steve Scully of C-SPAN who is the moderator of the next scheduled sparring match on October 15th in Miami.  Good luck with that.

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