Caesar was loved by everyone that visited the Popcorn Park Zoo.
He was a loveable tiger that arrived at the zoo in the summer of 2001. He was brought here from Texas and definitely needed love. Everyone that knows the Popcorn Park  knows there's so much love to give. He traveled far and wide to find a place he could call home and be safe the rest of his life.
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From everyone at the Popcorn Park Zoo, to all the visitors, Caesar quickly became everyone's best friend.
Check out these pictures of handsome boy, Caesar. Caesar you will be missed.😥

Caesar - The Playful Tiger - Passes Away at the Popcorn Park Zoo

Thank you from John Bergmann and all the caretakers at Popcorn Park for this information on Caesar:
He loved to rub up along his fence and talk with his caretakers. Chuffing, moaning, and groaning, any sound that he could make in order to talk with us. He was 2 when he arrived, and he never seemed to get any older. He just acted like a 2-year-old “cub” all his life. He loved to play hide and seek just before he was supposed to come in for his dinner, he would hide behind one of the bigger rocks in his yard, thinking we couldn’t see his ears or his tail flicking behind him.
There were so many little tricks we would use try to get him in at night, rolling a boomer ball along his fence toward his door, bouncing one in our walkway of his den so he would hear it from his yard and then finally hiding in the hallway with the lights out and your hand on shift door counterweight. He would eventually strut in to eat and act as though he knew we were hiding inside, and he did, he played us long enough and finally was hungry enough to come in.
In 2013 Caesar lost his best friend Bengali. Shortly thereafter Kya came and took up the yard next to his, they made fast friends and would paw at the shift door between their dens when they were done with dinner. They kept good company.

Caesar was like a cub his whole life from what I hear from his caretakers, but last February, it seemed like he aged in one day. He would only eat half his dinners and was drinking a lot of water. The zoo knew something was wrong so they sedated him for an exam and bloodwork. The loveable Tiger was in renal failure.

Caesar's doctors and caretakers went forward with treatments and he did well with them. He enjoyed his pond all last summer and his favorite was snow. He was able to play in the snow this past winter. 20 Year old Caesar bounced back. He seemed to be doing great.

But, last month on one Sunday morning, Caesar's caretakers could not wake him. He passed in his sleep. His caretakers were devastated and gathered around him to say their "Goodbyes". It just goes to show how these wonderful caretakers fall in love with these animals like they are their own.

From John Bergmann / Popcorn Park:

Thank you, Caesar, for allowing us to be a part of your life, for greeting us every morning, for talking with us all day and for wishing us a good night each night. You were and will always be the “Cub” at the heart of our family. Caesar has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with those who once also called Popcorn Park their home. Goodnight Caesar. We love you and miss you.
"Thank YOU" Popcorn Park for taking care and loving these animals for the rest of their lives and showing them what love is all about. It is a privilege to live in a community so close to the zoo. It's amazing what every single one of you do.

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