The dictionary defines anniversary as the annual recurring date of a past event, as of personal or historical importance.

The most common we acknowledge would likely be a wedding anniversary, or maybe the anniversary of when someone quit smoking. As for historical purposes on March 1st of this year WOBM celebrated its 50th anniversary of broadcasting which certainly was a big deal for us.

Unless it impacts you directly anniversaries are largely ignored except when they are what most would consider special ones: 10, 25, 50 years.  However since it does impact me I am going to acknowledge not one but two anniversaries that are noteworthy because they have stood the test of time in an era when that is rare.

By the way don’t feel compelled to send a card for either although the gift of a beach house for a week, cruise during the winter or the like would be a nice touch.

This past Monday (July 23) marked my 39th anniversary at WOBM.  It was July 23, 1979 when I first came to work at our offices and studios which were then located in Bayville.  Unlike now when I don’t hesitate to wear shorts to work in the summer, I was likely dressed a bit more formal. Heck I wore a suit for my job interview earlier that month.

I do know I brought two dozen donuts to work on that first day and quickly learned that food always goes a long a way in establishing a nice relationship with your work colleagues. Let me be perfectly clear. I had no intention of making WOBM more than just a pit stop on my way to a very successful career in sports broadcasting.  Two to three years at the most and then it was on to the bright lights.  Well so much for the best-laid plans.

However it’s the other anniversary in which I truly celebrate as it was on this date in 1981 (37 years ago) that Jane Viggiano and I were married at the Church of Saint Veronica in Howell before a wonderful reception of what was then Mike Doolan’s in Spring Lake.  Like everyone else there have been plenty of ups and downs, good times and bad, laughter and tears and most importantly two great kids (and now a daughter-in-law).

I am well aware that I got the better end of this deal and am the truly the lucky one and at some point Jane will be rewarded for sticking with a guy who works too many hours and is about 12 years late in taking her on a truly special vacation.  It’s coming babe. It’s coming.

Thanks for being my partner in life and on the beach.



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