March is without question the most confusing month of the year with Mother Nature trying to decide if it’s winter or spring.

The calendar tells us we are still in winter until the 20th of the month but this past Monday (March 1) was the first day of meteorological spring which spans March, April & May.  Wednesday was very much spring-like with blue sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-50s.

I drove by the Crab’s Claw Inn in Lavallette and there was people eating outside where tables are set up knowing that many will choose that option if they can. I saw kids playing baseball on a high school field and people running up and down Route 35 in shorts and t-shirts.

However as is often the case in March that nice day will be followed by several in which the temperature will struggle to get out of the 30s and we have had some major snow storms during the month.  The good news is that I officially or I guess unofficially declared “bad winter” over and there is no indication that snow and/or ice are words we will hear in Dan Zarrow’s forecast anytime soon.

We need a shot in the arm besides the COVID-19 vaccine and that’s what true spring-like weather can bring to many of us.  Inside is no place to be when “cabin fever” combined with the mental strain of a pandemic can send you into a dark place.  Many have and are suffering from some form of depression due to the overwhelming nature of what we have been dealing with for almost a year.

Days like Wednesday and ones to come will provide some form of relief as more and more people get outside, start working in their yards and gardens, and maybe take a walk in the park or on the boardwalk.  That feeling when the sun shines on your face can even for a few minutes wake up your entire body. It’s better than a cup of coffee or a shot of 5-hour energy.

Spring is officially 16 days away but why wait.  Let’s celebrate its arrival right now and hope and pray it’s the start of better days ahead.


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