I’ve never been to Popeyes for a chicken sandwich…actually I’ve never been to one of the food chain restaurants for anything.  Like most of you, I was aware of all the furor that took place in late summer when Popeyes ran out of its new chicken sandwiches nationwide, but I did not give it much thought.  However, when they brought it back earlier this week I decided that I would put on my “investigative hat” to see why there was so much hype over a chicken sandwich.

So today at lunchtime we went to the Popeyes in Toms River and in what I thought was a positive omen got the last parking spot and when we entered the restaurant saw there were only a couple of people in line.  However, the good vibe died quickly when we were told there were no chicken sandwiches today because…they had run out of buns.  Come on you have to be kidding me (they were not).

I went to Wawa and ordered an egg salad sandwich.

Do I return to Popeyes tomorrow as the buns are due in at 4 a.m.?


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