Here in Ocean County, we've got a lot of history, and a lot of the stories that come along with that history. In fact, even the WOBM offices aren't immune from ghost stories. But one more recent piece of history is causing some Japanese taxi drivers to believe that some of their recent fares may not be living beings.

In 2011, the Japanese tsunami killed thousands of people.

It was a devastating natural disaster, and some believe that some of the devastated souls are still wandering the area.

A Japanese student asked more than 100 taxi drivers in some of the worst impacted areas to share their stories with her.

And she got some very strange responses. From tales of passengers who suddenly disappear, to stories of forlorn spirits asking if they're dead, the stories are interesting for their similarity across a number of taxi drivers.

You can read the whole, strange story about the haunted taxis of Japan by clicking here.

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