Now that we've heard about Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, there's a lot of speculation as to what the future will hold.  How will supermarket shoppers be impacted by this big deal.  Will prices go down?  Will transacations be quicker and easier?  Will human jobs be replaced by technology?  There are more questions than answers right now but it's an exciting time, that's for sure.

I started to think about my weekly grocery shopping experience.  I don't order online because I like to be able to touch and smell fruits and veggies.  I like to select the package of meat that looks best for the meal I'll be preparing.  I do a lot of impulse buys that come from seeing in-store displays or noticing sales, etc.

I will sometimes use the self-checkout line, but usually wait for a cashier.  It's nice to have some human interaction, don't you think?

While many of my neighbors have started ordering their pet foods and supplies online, I still go to the pet store and schlep the big bag of food into my car.

Are you currently getting food delivered?  Do you use a service like Amazon Fresh?  Or do you still go to your favorite supermarket?  What changes do you think we might start to see?


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