WOW, we love our diners in New Jersey.

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In a recent article I asked, "Where's the BEST Ocean County Diner."

Growing up we always went to our local diner for breakfast. Diners are so much more than breakfast. It's not just about the delicious food at our favorite diner, it's about the memories you might have. Maybe your favorite diner is where you took or take your Mom. Maybe you met your husband at your local diner, whatever it might be, diners are the key to our memories and our pallets. My go-to diners are the Sand Castle Diner in Beachwood or the Forked River Diner. Forked River Diner has my favorite breakfast, creamed dried beef, and the Sand Castle Diner has great chocolate chip pancakes, Abby and her friends' favorite. ***Although, I think it's the cute boy that works there, oh boy she'd be super mad I'm writing this.***
According to my co-workers at 92.7 WOBM here are some great choices for their favorite diners:

*Rainbow Diner in Brick

*Stafford Diner in Manahawkin

*Dynasty Diner in Tuckerton

*Chrystal Diner in Toms River

*Four Seasons Diner in Toms River**One of my personal favorites.**

On our 92.7 WOBM Facebook page we had so many responses. There were clear winners but ultimately we need to pick just one. I thought I'd put a little poll together and see. Here are the top 5 chosen by you.

We'll announce the winner on Tuesday January 19th, 2020 during the Ocean County Breakfast Show.

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