As a loyal New Jerseyan, I love a great bagel just as much as the next person. But as hard as I try, I just can't get behind the everything bagel.

I like bagels with things on them - sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt, etc. But when you start getting into the garlic and onions, I just don't see how that makes a good breakfast or snack. Especially if you have to work around other people for the rest of the day.

The funny part is, I'm obviously not the only one - Friday is bagel day here at the WOBM offices, and by the time I get in, all that's left are the everything bagels.

I also have to say, it's the worst when they put the everything bagels in the bag with the rest of the bagels - all of the delicious bread spheres end up smelling and tasting like those savory flavor bombs. At least put them in a separate bag!

Where do you fall on the everything bagel debate? Are you a fan or can you do without them?

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