Locals know where the best gas prices are. The conventional wisdom is that the gas stations right off of major highways are going to be higher than others. But drivers in Brick have gotten a pleasant surprise lately as two centrally located fuel stops are battling it out.

As nationwide gas prices tumble, New Jersey outlets are doing well too, with an average statewide price around $1.73. I filled up at a busy outlet on a major Ocean County thoroughfare yesterday for $1.71, and was pretty happy about it!

But while traveling around the area, I was surprised to see the prices at the gas stations in the photo above. Literally across the street from each other and only yards off of the Parkway. In my experience, these stations tend to be average if not slightly above average.

But they seem to be in a bit of a price war right now, pushing each other lower and lower.

For comparison, a station only about two miles away on the same road was a whopping $1.79. Quite a contrast.

Considering most of us haven't seen prices like this since about 2009, we definitely can't complain!

Where have you seen the best prices in Ocean County? Share your tips in the comments section!