A strange thing is going on in Brick. It's a mystery that doesn't seem to have a logical explanation, but one that is continuing up to this very day. Most people who shop in Brick have probably been impacted without even realizing it.

One of the major stores in Brick can't keep grocery hand baskets in stock.

Every time I walk into the store, I have to look at every register lane to try to find a basket to shop with. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes I'm not. It's gotten to the point that I've asked people checking out if I can use their baskets when they're done unloading.

I mentioned it to an employee the other day and got an unexpected answer - apparently someone keeps stealing them. As soon as they get more in, they disappear, too.

The bizarre part of the whole thing is wondering who needs hundreds of plastic grocery hand baskets?

It's not like they're metal and can be sold for scrap.

I can't imagine that there's much of a black market for them.

And it seems to only be happening at this one store. There doesn't seem to be a wider spread of basket theft throughout Ocean County.

And also, how has nobody noticed someone walking out of the store with dozens of baskets at the same time? The employee told me that the mass theft usually happens within hours of restocking their supply.

It's a strange mystery right here in our own backyard. Have you noticed any other weird things like this going on where you shop?