I recently updated my business website and it was a really cool experience.

You know how sometimes you set something up and then sort of forget about it as long as it’s doing its job?  That’s how I felt about my website until recently.  I originally set it up about 15 years ago when I was first getting serious about my voiceover business.  My Jersey Shore designer did an excellent job and I was really proud to show it off to anyone who would visit.  And then I kind of forgot about it.  Until recently some tech-savvy friends pointed out that they couldn’t access my audio demos on their smartphones.  Hmmm, I thought, maybe it was time for me to update the website.  If you want to see the new and improved version, click here.


Well now that it’s finished, I’m again really proud of it.  My business has grown, my client list is more impressive, and those changes are now reflected in my new site.   I had my logo re-done as well.  Goodbye to the old-fashioned microphone.  Hello to the modern design that better reflects my brand.

If you’re getting a new (or your first) website, it can help to have some people give you feedback.  But I warn you that everyone has different opinions and if you’re getting confused or overwhelmed, I suggest you go with your gut.  In the end, you’re the one who has to be happy with your site.

Here’s an opportunity for you to give a free plug to your small business.  What is the website address of your company?

If you are thinking about getting a website built, you can contact the awesome web design team at Townsquare:  http://townsquareinteractive.com/  And here's a plug for the Ocean County designer who created my new site:  https://socialtrendllc.com/

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