It's been a long time since I attended a wedding.  What an educating I'm getting now that I'm preparing to see my cousin's daughter get married.  Case in point:  this morning, while using my laptop, I visited the couple's wedding website which has all kinds of information about their relationship and their upcoming nuptuals.

I clicked on the various details I needed to know: time, date, location of church, then clicked on a maps program to figure out the distance from the ceremony to the reception.  Then I searched for taxi companies to get me from the train to the wedding.  I entered a couple of those numbers in my phone.   I clicked the link to the gift registry and from there clicked the links to various stores and wish lists.  And just for fun, I clicked through photos of the couple's early years together as well as a great video documenting the moment when the groom-to-be proposed.

Then I searched online for some articles about gift-giving.  It's been so long, I really wasn't sure of the going rate or whether a gift from the registry might be better than money.

I haven't even mentioned Pinterest but am pretty sure something at the wedding will have been inspired by something seen on that online network.

How did brides plan weddings before the internet?  How did guests prepare?  I'm half joking, of course, because we had phone books and telephones and fax machines.  But isn't it cool how technology is impacting the wedding planning process?

Have you been to a wedding lately?  Did anything seem different from weddings back in the day?


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