I love taking a fall drive and see the beautiful leaves.

Aah, crisp air, apple cider, and fall leaves. The reds, deep oranges, and yellows through out New Jersey and surrounding areas. We are so lucky here at the Shore we see all 4 seasons, and fall is a big fan favorite.


The crisp, cool nights and warm days really bring out the best colors a landscape photographer told accuweather, according to abc7ny.com.

The Northeast will see fall colors during the month of October. It is a beautiful sight. I grew up in Pennsylvania and the Poconos were just the spot to go in the fall to see the gorgeous leaves. The more north you are, you will see the beautiful fall foliage first, in the beginning of October. Upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont will see fall leaves between October 8th and October 15th.

Here in New Jersey we will see the leaves at their best between October 15th and October 22nd. The farther south you go leaves will peak anywhere between October 22nd and November 5th. Click here for more information.

Here are some cool fall leaves facts from cottagelife.com:

*Dead leaves make great mulch.

*Leaves eventually turn brown because of tannin, the same substance that gives tea its astringency and staining power.

*Carotene, which turns leaves orange, is also the chemical that makes carrots orange.

*Anthocyanins, which turn leaves red is found in red grapes and blueberries.

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