I'm such a fan of boardwalk fries.  I remember living in Pennsylvania saying to myself, "I can't wait until I live in New Jersey for the boardwalk fries." 



Summer is almost over, it's time to treat yourself to one of New Jersey's favorites - Boardwalk French Fries! Don't miss out! Enjoy the rest of your Summer!  Watch out for the seagulls.  According to yelp, these are some the "BEST" fries at the Shore, do you agree?

Johnny Fries

1960 Rt 35 N.

Ortley Beach, NJ


The Sawmill

1807 Boardwalk

Seaside Park, NJ


Steaks Unlimited

14 Dupont Avenue

Seaside Heights, NJ


Shake Shoppe Arcade

1020 N. Boardwalk

Seaside Heights, NJ


PJ's Place

22 Blvd.

Seaside Heights, NJ


Where are the "BEST" fries at Shore?



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