Sitting around talking at the table with my friends, "Let's talk about the annoying roads in Ocean County."

It's that road that every time you're driving on it, you're rolling your eyes. And of course saying, "This road is so annoying."  WOW, I opened a giant can of worms. You mention different roads in Ocean County, the roads that you and your friends most frequent, which one is the most annoying - there's an opinion for every road.

My one friend will not even drive on the Garden State Parkway...what? It's true, she hates it. Me, personally I like it until I see motorcycles flying by me. That's what really scares me while driving on the parkway.

My friend's husband, while playing UNO, says he can't stand Rt. 9. When he says Rt. 9 he means Rt. 9 through Toms River and Lakewood. I agree, there's a lot of traffic on Rt. 9 and it would be good if they could extend it two lanes each way. Rt. 9 through Beachwood, Bayville, Pine Beach would be great if they could extend that to two lanes. There's always so much traffic both ways, especially after 2 pm.

Another friend said without hesitation, Rt. 88 in Brick. There's another roadway that needs another lane. I find it to be so much busier in the summertime on the way to Pt. Pleasant Beach. But, at drive-time, I never usually drive it and hear it's crazy around 4 pm during the week.

Since we're in Brick, Rt. 70 was another one of my girlfriend's most annoying roadways in Ocean County. This road is annoying, although two lanes, for most of it. It's is always a busy roadway, no matter when we're driving on it. It could be early morning or late at night and there would always be a traffic jam at a traffic light.

At this point, we stopped playing the game, and Hooper Avenue was brought up. Hooper was brought up because of all the lights. But, we could say the same thing about Rt. 37, but more annoying with my friends is Hooper for some reason.

What's the most annoying road in Ocean County?

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